And what are you going to do about it Winnie?

Illustrious Minister without a Government Winston Peters ahs been having a chat with key people in Fiji.

"I had a frank discussion with the commander and sought to leave him with no misunderstanding about our expectations and hopes for a peaceful evolution of constitutional development of democracy in Fiji and how critical it was to Fiji’s long-term peace and prosperity,"

First up it is a little rude to talk about the commander of Fiji’s army on a first name basis and in lower case to boot.

Secondly, just what are you going to do about anything in particular if anything did happen in Fiji.

The best we could do is rant and rave. We couldn’t even "project" a boy scout troop to Fiji with our military capability. 

Let me tell you a little secret Winston, the Fijian people don’t care what you or anyone else in the world thinks. That is why they have draconian property ownership laws that discriminate on the basis of race. They just don’t care.

If the economy is boycotted, they don’t care, it only hurts the Indian community who largely run commerce in Fiji. If it hurts tourism they don’t care, if the tourist don’t come they ust go fishing, again it only hurts the Indian community.

How do I know this?, well I was born there and have friends who still live there.


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