Apologise Winston, I dare ya.

I am sorry to say to Mr Najim Al-Ali that he will two chances at getting an apology from Winston Peters, no chance and fat chance.

Winston Peters last year accused Najim Al-Ali of being an Iraqui and falsely claiming to be a refugee and then fraudulently brought members of his family into the country. 

Peters didn’t have any proof, and just did it to prove some point. He said the family had used false documents and that he would prove the family were lying.

After the story of the family’s angry denials was run Mr Peters accused the Herald of failing to investigate the matter and said Prime Minister Helen Clark was "guilty of the most serious neglect of duty".

Well investigation by the Department of Labour has found no evidence to support Peters’ spurious claims.

Peters, not to be deterred has said he is awaiting for DNA evidence.

Oh come on Winston….be a man for a change.




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