Benson-Pope cops another flogging

Yep, I know bad choice of title, but the guys deserves everything coming to him.

This time it is Investigate magazine chucking the mud….one day that mud is going to stick to teflon man. 

Look the guys a bully, and now he is a coward.

Ian Wishart puts the slipper in again today after DBP came out flailing.

"We welcome David Benson-Pope and Helen Clark’s comments today that this information is "old news", and we welcome the fact that neither the Minister nor the Prime Minister are denying that the events took place.

"With respect to both politicians, however, information released to the media but not discovered by the media remains news until such time as it is published and the public have had a chance to digest its significance. This information is not ‘old news’ just because Labour desperately wants it to be."

Yep, couldn’t have said it better myself. 

DBP is officially a lame duck minister now.

Lame Duck Award




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