Call to action: VRWC


To all VRWC member (you know who you are)

I propose and will from today place into action a boycott of Al-Herald articles and links.

They ahve shown thenselves to be spineless liberal automatons.

After reading their editorial today I am left dissappointed and annoyed that a New Zealand newspaper can believe let alone publish the tosh that purports to be an editorial.

If I had a subscription, I would cancel it.

Islam never depicts its God in human form, nor its prophet. To enter a mosque is to be struck by the utter absence of any image of a human figure, which Islam treats as idolatry. This might not be widely known in the West, but news media should be getting better acquainted with Middle Eastern values.


Well Al-Herald….answer me this.

If there are no depictions of Muhammed in the Muslim world how then do we know the cartoons are of him?

Secondly, Why the hell should the news media get better acquainted with Middle Eastern values? I for one am married to a Lebanese woman who rejects those values as sexist, rascist bigotry. Add homophobia, intolerance, violence and hypocrisy (don’t believe me, just anyone who has lived in Dubai who the biggest spenders on booze and whores are) and I wonder why we should actually bother.

I place an economic fatwa on you Al-Herald for failing to uphold our values.


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