Clark preaches religious tolerance….except for Bretheren huh!!!

Well the government has spoken and so we shall all obey.

"The key thing from my point of view is that New Zealand, its Government and community generally stand for tolerance and respecting each others’ beliefs. That is how we bring communities together and not drive them apart."

Except of course Clark speaks with a forked tongue. While she talks about tolerance and respecting other’s beleifs she allows her Attorney-General to say;

“Of course, the Exclusive Brethren is not a moderate church group.  It has been fairly described in one of New Zealand’s leading newspapers as the Taliban of New Zealand’s religious sects.”

And Georgina Beyer, who should be no stranger to insults and injury adding her/his own;

unlike the sinister and deceitful nature of the Exclusive Brethren and their actions in the last election.

So suddenly it is sinister and deceitful to spend ones own money to oppose beliefs that you oppose, yet is isn’t sinister and deceitful for Unions to do it…..utter hypocrisy and utter intolerance.

Of course Helen Clark said this at CHOGM last year in Malta;

“The fight against terrorism will be a topic of discussion at the meeting.  I will be interested in possible synergies between our own support for regional interfaith dialogue and the Commonwealth’s consideration of promoting religious tolerance,”

Clearly she was only talking about the West need for tolerance of Islam and not a bilateral concept or indeed for her own party to show some religious tolerance of their own.

Darren Hughes also joins the list of the intolerant with this little rant;

getting their cult members from the Exclusive Brethren Church

in the Address and Reply debate November 22,2005. 

So there we have it a government that doesn’t want to upset easily upsettable people but quite prepared for political gain denigrate the religion of those that dare to speak out against them and their policies.

Oh and don’t forget Ashraf Choudary, the ultimate hypoocrite.

Mr Choudhary was asked: "Are you saying the Koran is wrong to recommend that gays in certain circumstances be stoned to death?"

He replied: " No, no. Certainly what the Koran says is correct. 


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