Cultural and Economic Terrorism

So much for the benign strategic environment, Helen.

All of a sudden your cozy little Islamic friends are turning on you and using new weapons.

Welcome New Zealand to Cultural and Economic Terrorism.

The latest country to try to use it is Jordan, where law makers there are insisting on a trade ban for New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and other countries that have published the cartoons. 

Meanwhile our Prime Minister is running around uttering inanities. 

"It is not an issue of right of free speech, we enjoy that here. It is an issue of what will this do to our country? If I were an exporter of primary produce that faces the loss of contracts, I would be feeling very, very angry."

Yes Helen, I would be angry, at you for not sticking up for our rights in a free world and for buckling to growing Cultural and Economic Terrorism. Don’t try to turn the isssue around and spin it for what it isn’t.

Make no mistake, New Zealand is now in the forefront of the fight against the Global Caliphate, a fight that the appeasers and left continue to deny.

Why do I say a fight, because that is what it is, a fight for the ideals and values that my grandfather fought for at Gallipoli and my father-in-law fought for in Vietnam.

I had a discussion at work with someone yesterday, he insisted that there was no big issue, that we should just let it go and New Zealand should just go with the flow. I disagreed and said to do so would surrender our sovreignty, not immediately but slowly but surely over time until one day we wake up under Sharia Law and wonder, just quietly lest someone report our evil thoughts, what happened.

We agreed to diagree. However I would rather fight and die on my feet than live on my knees. 


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