Does Helen actually know what is going on?

Look at this tosh. i couldn’t believe it when I heard it on the wireless on the way home, so I checked on their website.

Yes Siree, it is true, Helen has no fucking idea what Winston is up to except that he is in Fiji.

Foreign Minister Winston Peters’ current visit to Fiji is being welcomed by the Prime Minister even though she does not know what his programme is.

Helen Clark who oversees foreign policy within the Cabinet whilst Mr Peters deals with the public face says it is not her job to get into the intricate detail.

Miss Clark says her Ministers put up proposals for approval but she cannot remember what Mr Peters said other than he was going to Fiji to conduct high level talks.

She says she would not pay it that much attention but she says it is an important visit and she is pleased he is making it.

What sort of bullshit is this?

"cannot remember", "does not know what his programme is", "not her job to get into intricate detail"

A fucking farce is what it is….I’ll tell you Helen what Winston is doing in Fiji….jack all except sunning himself and of course drinking scotch. 


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