"El Jefe" still making immigration cases

Even in the face of a very, very pedestrian investigation Philip "El Jefe" Field is still making representations with regard to constituents immgration cases.

Further he has the backing of Helen Clark.

I bet he has….she will back him all the way or else he will spill the beans on their election day voting rorts that helped deliver significant votes to Labour from a traditionally apathetic constituency.

I can remember from the "old" days detecting multiple votes on election day as early as 10:00am. I can remember one case where 23 voters were registered to one property and they all voted. This property was a small 3 bedroom state house.

All the way that is until it becomes apparent from the investigation that "El Jefe" is dead, rancid meat and then she will drop him like the proverbial hot potato.

This issue could perhaps be Labours smoking gun along with their blatant theft of public monies.

This government is now hamstrung on issues of integrity and it is only a matter of time before they depart from office in ignominy.


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