I wonder how many embassies will be burnt?

My bet is none.

The Catholic Church however is urging a boycott of products and services advertised by TV3 and C4 in protest at the screening of a Southpark episode that is offensive to Catholics.

"The Catholic Church has long been regarded as fair game for satire and derision. We believe that, while most of us have a sense of humour, there are some things that go beyond the bounds. We have always used the reasoned and legitimate means of protest that are open to us; letters to the media and complaints to the Press Council or the Broadcasting Standards Authority. These have mostly gone unheeded. Our voices have not been heard.

Making known the extent of our offence might give them pause to consider that press freedom is not a licence to incite intolerance or to promote hatred or derision based on religion, race or gender."

 Umm…hate to point this out to you but press freedom is a license to do precisely that. That is why it is called a freedom.