Mikey giveth (well sort of) and Mikey taketh away

Michael Cullen is showing his true socialist parsimony in threatening to withdraw the measly tax cut proposed in the "Chewing Gum" budget.

"I have noted that people have said they don’t really think it’s worth having. If people say that, then of course they may find their wish has been granted – be careful what you ask for, you may get it."

Awww, thems fightin’ words.

Also he talks utter shite with this pearler…"the Government was facing a $300m "fiscal hole" in its balance sheet caused by the scrapping of the carbon charge, which had been factored into its fiscal forecasts"

Fiscal hole my arse…the tax take keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

Of course there is also the personal slight to "anybody who thinks there are large fiscal surpluses to be spent now by means of large tax reductions should be taken out and quietly drowned"

Well I say, just bring it on Mikey, bring it on.

I stand here now and say Michael Cullen is a parsimonious wanker.

There clearly must be some truth to the rampant rumour that he is infact very ill and bordering on a breakdown. 


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