Newsflash Mr Khan – We live in a free country

Newsflash, Newsflash, Mr Khan.

In case you didn’t realise Mr Khan, New Zealand is a free country. Our newspapers are private organisations that are entitled to their view and the right to publish it.

Our government, much and all as I dislike it is also freely and fairly elected so for you to call on them to act is plain wrong.

The government is being criticised for not taking a stronger line on controversial cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The Dominion Post has today published the 12 cartoons, which have caused international outrage among the Muslim community.

They depict Mohammed in a way which implies involvement in terrorism.

Islamic Association president Javed Khan says the government should be taking a stand against the cartoons.

Mr Khan says he would have expected the government to show support for a minority group under attack.

He says he hopes it will not affect trade, but believes there is a good chance it will.

Newsflash Mr Khan there is no minority group under attack here and if it affects trade then that trade is not worth having.

We cannot and will not bow down to emotional blackmail over a couple of silly pictures.


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