February 2006

The man is a sleaze and a bully

This from the letter that sparked the inquiry that David Benson-Pope has "forgotton" all about.

Mr Benson-Pope said "I’m losing my temper now, get up there," which was a grass bank. He asked xxxx to go back down it, which she did. He then asked her to do it again and said, "Listen to what I say, don’t move your feet". Xxxx tried it, she felt she was going to fall and so she moved her feet. With that Mr Benson-Pope said, "Don’t move your feet", and slapped her on the thigh. He told xxxx that he thought of her as a failure and this made him a failure.

Other incidence [sic] happened also.

1. That Mr Benson-Pope entered the girls’ showers while the girls were showering and told them to get out.

2. Mr Benson-Pope walked on to [sic] the girls’ dorm while they were dressing and stood there and talked to them.

I know how tiring and trying that a camp with so many children can be, but there really isn’t any excuse for what Mr Benson-Pope did. There were five females in attendance at the camp and we both feel that if the girls had to be spoken to then it was better for one of them to go to them.

Everyone is entitled to privacy and both my husband and I feel that a breach of trust has been broken. We will not be allowing xxxx to travel anywhere with the school again if this is the standard of conduct from those in charge. 

Further, I fail to see how Mr Benson-Pope could not have remembered what clearly followed as written by the Head master at the time.


At Bayfield we have a complaints policy in place which means that any complaint is investigated and once outcomes are decided, the person dealing with the complaint advises the person with the complaint and the responsibility level above. 

Investigated it says, that means in order to ascertain that there was a male prescence in the girls area which according to the letter is un-disputed, they would have had to have spoken to DBP.

Clearly the man is a liar, some would say he should remain as a minister as he is more than qualified based on the tests on honesty and integrity displayed by the other ministers. 

Overheard in Auckland last night

The "bully" is Benson-Pope will not last till Question Time today.

Very reliable sources say his position is becoming untenable by the hour, especially with the "El Jefe" case just around the corner.

So it is a challenge huh!

Clark continues to stick by her sleazy minister with outrageous claims like;

"To the best of his recollection, he was not aware (of a complaint) and I defy anyone to remember in great detail things that happened eight years ago.

"I regard David Benson-Pope as an honest person. I think he gave the answer to the best of his recollection . . ."

SO he can”t remember the the inquiry that followed a letter from a parent, despite the headmaster at the time raising the issue with him.

"I can recall the complaint and I can recall raising it with David Benson-Pope, who was the teacher in charge of outdoor education,"

At the very least Benson-pope should be gone because he can’t remember, what would have been a very traumatic time, being investigated for being a sleazy teacher.

Perhaps the Prime Minister is applying her extremely low standards of honesty to the minister not that of the general populace. 

It's in the water

Finally in the water

Barge 2
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Barge 7





PM promises transparent "El Jefe" report

Oh really, since when has she ever sone anything transparently.

Opaque is her favourite colour.

I suppose it would be as transparent as the Doonegate report huh!! 


Clark should put up or shut up

Clarks latest statement that the complainants against Benson-Pope should put up or shut up.

Well Mzzz Clark, they have, they named themselves, they provided reprots about your creepy minister, some were referred to the police, some were found to provide prima facie evidence of assault against the creep.

The person who should put up or shut up is YOU!!!!

Stop the spin, stop the obfuscation, stop the maligning of victims, just stop it.

And while you are at it Pay It Back Now. 

Email Campaign and Petition online at PayItBackNow.org.nz

Don't forget to sign the petition and send an email to The Serious Fraud Office at PayitBackNow.

One-up-manship alive an well in the middle-east

Hat tip: David Farrar

Not to be out done by rabid anti-semite Iranians and their cartoon contest, an Israeli group has set up a contest available only to Jews to mock themselves. Some of these cartoons are hilarious, go take a look.


“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”


ICC - Babies
ICC - Hitler
ICC - POpe
ICC - Streisand









Mt Eden Prison – Squalid and sub-standard

They say it like thats a problem…..


"El Jefe" still at it

Tha National Party has revealed documents that Philp "El Jefe" Field is still at it, rorting and manipulating the system to his and his constituents benefit.


Field bought the Otahuhu house from the Cole family for $259,000 after they sought help from him as an MP because they were facing financial crisis. He sold it 16 months later for $395,000.

The Cole family said their father Sione, who has Parkinson’s disease, was pressured into the sale, which is part of an investigation by QC Noel Ingram.

The letters, obtained under the Official Information Act, show Field wrote to Housing NZ in Otahuhu asking that the Cole’s application for a house "could be approved as soon as possible as they have no place to move to when they leave the property".

Another letter shows Field’s electorate secretary, Fiasili Ah Tong, also emailed Housing NZ asking for "favourable consideration" in allocating a house to the Cole family.


Where is the results of the inquiry? They are significantly late.

Labour must be really sweating now, David Benson-Pope up to eyeballs in sleaze allegations, Ell Jefe continues to embarras and the party hierachary are under the gun for nicking taxpayer funds to buy an election.