Petulant Maori Plonker

This exchange says it all really. Shane Jones is the bully in the sand pit. The power apparently has gone to his head. It would also appear that if brains were dynamite he wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose.

Rodney Hide: Can the chairperson confirm that he received my letter, responded to it as a matter of the committee, and then ended the meeting before considering it, saying that he had ripped it up; did he rip it up or did he not?

SHANE JONES: The meeting ended at the appointed time, and the opportunity available for the ACT member on the committee–2 percent of the time–is very limited.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Rodney Hide’s question to the chair of the committee was quite explicit: did he rip up the letter that was received from a member of the committee? I think, when a member writes to a chair of a committee and the chair chooses not to address the question, it is a pretty important issue. I think it is proper for you, Madam Speaker, as you are in charge of the overall select committee system and how we operate as parliamentarians, to agree that it is a fair requirement that Mr Jones should answer that question.

Madam SPEAKER: I agree with the member.

SHANE JONES: The letter has been received by me. There are copies, one of which was certainly ripped up by me.


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