According to the nutcases out there it is prohibited to depict Mohammed under any circumstances.

That is of course if you are a Muslim, then its double standard city again.

So while the head-hackers are calling for my beheading because I published the cartoons maybe they should take the time to study a little history.

There are literally hundreds of paintings, drawings and other images of Mohammed that have been created over the centuries, with not a squeak or word of complaint from the Muslim world.

Mohammed 1

Persian or central Asian illustration showing Mohammed (on the right) preaching.
Mohammed 2

Miniature of Mohammed re-dedicating the Black Stone at the Kaaba. From Jami Al-Tawarikh ("The Universal History" written by Rashid Al-Din), a manuscript in the Library of the University of Edinburgh; illustrated in Tabriz, Persia, c. 1315.
Mohammed 3

Mohammed on his prayer rug; Persia, late medieval (date unknown).
Mohammed 4

"Mohammed Cursing the Vines," German woodcut print, c. 1481. Source (for this image and the one below): The Illustrated Bartsch. Vol. 83, German Book Illustration before 1500: Anonymous Artists, 1481-1482. Series title: Reysen und Wanderschaffen durch das Gelbote Land / Travels and Wanderings Through the Holy Land. Presumably Mohammed is cursing the vines for producing the grapes that got him drunk.
Mohammed 5

Iranian woman artist Oranous (who is a Muslim and lives in Tehran) created this iconic painting of a young Mohammed and is selling it online. Though this would seem to violate Islamic and Iranian law, an expert in Iranian Shi’ite customs writes in to say that this particular painting is not forbidden because it depicts a young Mohammed before he was visited by the Angel Gabriel and started receiving his visions, which means that at this stage in his life he is not yet the Prophet.
Double standards and hypocrisy…..there are also images from contemporary magazines that didn’t offend either.



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