So it is a challenge huh!

Clark continues to stick by her sleazy minister with outrageous claims like;

"To the best of his recollection, he was not aware (of a complaint) and I defy anyone to remember in great detail things that happened eight years ago.

"I regard David Benson-Pope as an honest person. I think he gave the answer to the best of his recollection . . ."

SO he can”t remember the the inquiry that followed a letter from a parent, despite the headmaster at the time raising the issue with him.

"I can recall the complaint and I can recall raising it with David Benson-Pope, who was the teacher in charge of outdoor education,"

At the very least Benson-pope should be gone because he can’t remember, what would have been a very traumatic time, being investigated for being a sleazy teacher.

Perhaps the Prime Minister is applying her extremely low standards of honesty to the minister not that of the general populace. 


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