The man is a sleaze and a bully

This from the letter that sparked the inquiry that David Benson-Pope has "forgotton" all about.

Mr Benson-Pope said "I’m losing my temper now, get up there," which was a grass bank. He asked xxxx to go back down it, which she did. He then asked her to do it again and said, "Listen to what I say, don’t move your feet". Xxxx tried it, she felt she was going to fall and so she moved her feet. With that Mr Benson-Pope said, "Don’t move your feet", and slapped her on the thigh. He told xxxx that he thought of her as a failure and this made him a failure.

Other incidence [sic] happened also.

1. That Mr Benson-Pope entered the girls’ showers while the girls were showering and told them to get out.

2. Mr Benson-Pope walked on to [sic] the girls’ dorm while they were dressing and stood there and talked to them.

I know how tiring and trying that a camp with so many children can be, but there really isn’t any excuse for what Mr Benson-Pope did. There were five females in attendance at the camp and we both feel that if the girls had to be spoken to then it was better for one of them to go to them.

Everyone is entitled to privacy and both my husband and I feel that a breach of trust has been broken. We will not be allowing xxxx to travel anywhere with the school again if this is the standard of conduct from those in charge. 

Further, I fail to see how Mr Benson-Pope could not have remembered what clearly followed as written by the Head master at the time.


At Bayfield we have a complaints policy in place which means that any complaint is investigated and once outcomes are decided, the person dealing with the complaint advises the person with the complaint and the responsibility level above. 

Investigated it says, that means in order to ascertain that there was a male prescence in the girls area which according to the letter is un-disputed, they would have had to have spoken to DBP.

Clearly the man is a liar, some would say he should remain as a minister as he is more than qualified based on the tests on honesty and integrity displayed by the other ministers. 


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