Two stories about Catholics

Today talkback radio has been abuzz with nutcase Catholics banging on about some supposed virgin mother god thing being insulted by a cartoon episode that will long forgotten once screeened.

Quietly in another part of the country another Catholic is before the courts. This ex-brother has pleaded guilty to one charge of indecent assault, but he pleaded not guilty to a further 53 charges including 20 of indecent assault and eight of sodomy. The charges relate to alleged offending against 17 boys aged under 16 at the former Maryland’s School between 1974 and 1977.

Where is the Catholic anger about the ongoing  antics of its priesthood? Nowhere is where it is.

They bang on endlessly about Mary, clearly missing the point about Christianity….it’s all about Jesus duh! Yet remain quietly silent while their priest and brothers have been molesting and raping and sodomising their way through the flock.

Learn to laugh at yourselves and quit with the idolatry.