Use the surplus, fools!!

The government has announced it is forming a group of business and state officials to help bridge a so-called funding shortfall for roading over the next ten years.

The shortfall? $600 million or if you like $60 million per annum or a measly $164,383 per DAY .

I says use some of our overtaxed surplus…after all that is why we pay taxes to fund infrastructure.

So lets put the "shortfall" into perspective.

We don’t have enough money for roads but we can spend;

  • $44,186,301 on Social Security and Welfare per DAY
  • $27,616,438 on Health per DAY
  • For the first 5 months of the year the government over taxed us $5,000,000,000. Which $33,333,333 over over taxation per DAY

I say there is plenty and the government should just make it available over the next 20 days from the fricken surplus. 

Of course such blasphemy would require someone to take me down to the beach and quietly drown me….I would like to see those Labour soft-cocks and no dicks try…..please come on just try.    


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