We're back online

Ok everybody normal service has resumed.

Just so everybody is clear Openhost sucks….big time, never, ever use them.

Their support is non-existant, everything is always the customers fault and they suck.

The problem supposedly was that they upgraded the server which then caused a problem with Drupal. I told them to un-upgrade whatever they did as I was perfectly happy with how everything was working. I made 27 calls to their help line and never once managed to get hold of anyone. Only after lookingup their company office records and finding the Directors details and ringing them at home did I manage to get some sort of response.

Just in case you have forgotten what I just said Openhost suck. They should change their name to ClosedHost.

Hostgator on the other hand a simply marvelous. They have live 24hr support via a "chat" mechanism, they transferred all my databases and sites and kept me informed all the way through. At anytiome if I needed assistance they were able to provide it either via email or their live chat system.

I cannot rate Hostgator highly enough. Thanks to Tincanman for putting me onto them. 


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