What ever happened too…..lefty bloggers

progblog.blogspot.com – not a single post since late October.

futureauckland.blogspot.com – not a post since late december, and
Jeremy Hall has now taken the oblique links to himself off the site after being outed by myself.

Bertrand Bargolias – otherwise known as erstwhile union agitator Michael Wood, dead and buried since September 22 2005, obviously comatose since the Sept 17 result. He was seen on TV at a Westpac protest so perhaps not quite dead. His wife still blogs though at spanblather.blogspot.com

Jordan Carter: Jordan has turned into a pseudo-Russell Brown by selectively turning off and on comments. His postings are now less frequent and have taken on a solilquy style often regurgitating spin from Cullen. 

Any others? feel free to let me know.