Where do you get a Danish flag from anyhow?

I was wondering as I saw all the Danish flags being burnt around the world, Where do you get one in enough time to burn it on World Television?

Secondly where in the middle of Gaza, Damascus and Islamabad are there readily avaiable Danish flags.

This has to be a massive orchestrated con job and that is exactly what Thomas Lifson has to say as well.

The cartoon crisis which has left embassies ablaze and sparked riots from Beirut to Bangkok and Jarkarta was a set-up job, planned and executed by a group of Muslim leaders from Denmark in concert with leading lights of the Islamic world. The conspirators used supremely inflammatory phony cartoons never published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten to gin up a campaign of violence and intimidation against Denmark, the EU, and the West.

The instantaneous availability of Danish flags for burning in obscure outposts of the Muslim world suggests a great deal of advance planning.

Those involved in taking a four-month-old incident in far-away Denmark and making it into a crisis roiling the streets of Beirut, Bangkok and Jakarta among other Muslim outposts, include Arab League Secretary Amr Moussa, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque Sheikh Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi, and Sunni Islam’s most influential scholar, Yusuf al Qaradawi, according to Lorenzo Vidino of the Counter Terrorism Blog.

You betcha it was a con job.

And why? Because  Islamofascism in under attack. The head-hackers are being driven from Iraq by a people revelling in the new found freedoms of democracy, because international aid is dependent on moderation (Hamas has to change) and because there is now truly some opposition to the rise of the Global Caliaphate.

Thomas Lifson explains the challenges we face and quotes moderate Dutch MP and Muslim immigrant a Hirsi Ali (who now lives in hiding under death threats):

“A free discussion of Islam remains rare and dangerous, certainly in the Islamic world, and even in our politically correct times in the West… Apostasy is still punishable by long prison sentences and even death in many Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Iran…”

“You cannot liberalize Islam without criticizing the Prophet and the Koran…You cannot redecorate a house without entering inside.”

Yep, ain’t that the truth.  


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