Who is in control of Auckland City?

Sad signs at Auckland City of a council not in communication with its officers.

Let’s  remember that under C&R Now, the footpath policy was bought into by everyone, and C&R Now had doubled the spend in its annual plans. I believe that the reason for the change is less about aesthetics and more about the fact that the officers are trying to penny pinch on spending on footpaths to compensate for extra spending pressures elsewhere.

Asphaltic Concrete, particulalry Mix10 which I suspect the council is using, is only rated to last for about 10 years. The red chip concrete was consulted with at length by Aucklanders who wanted a surface that would last 40 years.

During the consultation process I remember going to a display centre in Sandringham and being able to walk on and touch around 10 different kinds of surface. The red chip looked the best compared to the others, even allowing for the difference in colour between that and peoples driveways?

Is this just a case of perceived aesthetics by the pointy-headed overriding economic sense and popular choice?

And poor old ratepayer incurring a $120,000 penalty payment for having the council bureaucrats change their mind from red-chip concrete to black!


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