March 2006

Pity Parker has already resigned

It is a pity that David Parker has already resigned as Energy Minister as he could have gone over the looming power crisis that he staked his future on not occuring.
Yet less than a month after his assurances we have the experts saying ;
[quote]"By all criteria, the situation is worse than it was in 1992 and much worse than 2003,"[/quote]
[quote]The "possibility" of rolling power blackouts cannot be ruled out[/quote]
I agree with their final assessment, "We might get by with unusually heavy rain, but that is a $660 million gamble. The time is close for action, not crossed fingers".

is this another disfunctional council?

In what can only be described as bizarre, Christchurch Mayor Gary Moore has supposedly "forced" a pledge of loyalty from his councillors in support of embattled Chief Executive Lesley McTurk.
No sooner he had done, were calls from some that the "pledge" had been obtained under duress.
The Cheif Executive is under pressure with some saying there is a higher than should be turnover of staff at the council. 
Apparently Moore is pissy because questions are being asked where the information could only have come from councillors.
Now here is my point. Councillors are elected by the ratepayers to administer policy in the city. Chief Executives are employed by the council to enact the policy.  If a councillor thinks that there are some performance issues then quite rightly they should be asking the hard question, not lineing up in blind loyalty behind what the mayor thinks.

[cough] Bullshit [cough]

A prominent astonomer has basically called Sky TV on their bullshit excuse for loss of coverage from the Optus B1 satellite.

[quote]"I can't for the life of me understand how the eclipse could have blocked out enough light, because the satellite must be in the shade for a reasonable length of time anyway

"The satellite follows a geocentric orbit, which means it goes around the earth at exactly the same speed as the earth is rotating.

"I think they are just thinking of things to blame."[/quote]



Selective Democracy??

Earlier in the year we covered the Maori representation farce that the Manukau City Council was going through trying to establish special race based Maori seats.

They didn’t quite get there, but they decided instead to establish a Maori, for what, we’ve yet to find out. Not only was this committee fundamentally undemocratic in itself, but it only just scrapped through on the Mayor’s casting vote.

Democracy seems to have taken another fatal blow last night at the Manukau City Council when the Council decided to only allow those Maori who are on the Maori electoral roll to be appointed to the committee.

The reason for the exclusion? Apparently you can only be a real Maori if you choose to be on the Maori roll.

This effectively says to the 13,500 Maori decendents who choose to be on the general roll that they are not really Maori. They’ve probably made this choose because they recognise the discriminatory way in which race-based policies are used.

And guess how many votes it passed by?? Yep – just the casting vote. It seems democracy is very selective in Manukau City.

– Controversial issues are passed without majority approval.
– Policies are based on race, not need.
– And you are discriminated against because of the electoral roll you choose to be on.

Its about time Howick and Pakuranga broke away and joined Auckland City!

Optus B1 sattelite for sale on TradeMe

Some wag has put up an auction on Trademe fo;
[quote]One slightly used digital TV broadcast satellite. Seems to be misbehaving at the moment, unsure what the problem is, so bid at your own risk.

Previously worked fine broadcasting encrypted TV.

User is responsible for maintenance, and once purchase has taken place we will take no responsibility for spontaneous de-orbiting.[/quote]

Al-Herald Editorial: Israel now must talk to Hamas

Why ever for?

Remember – "There is no waste in the Public Sector"

Remember the election…surely you do? Clark and Cullen repeatedly saying that tax cuts were unaffordable, they only benefit the rich and that to fund them National was saying that they would trim waste from the Public Sector that didn't exist.
You remember now?
Well how is this for waste in the Public Sector ?
[quote]Energy Minister Trevor Mallard and the Greens' government spokeswoman on energy, Jeanette Fitzsimons, yesterday announced that the four year-old National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy was to be dumped. Former energy minister Pete Hodgson unveiled the strategy in 2001, along with a $79-million, five-year budget, which aimed to increase energy efficiency by 20 per cent by 2012, and to increase the use of renewable energy by between 19% and 42%. But a review of the Government's energy-efficiency strategy, released yesterday, found that the percentage of energy use coming from renewable resources was actually falling.[/quote]

The solution is "Slug Slam"

Chris Carter fresh from his ill informed decision on Whangamata marina is also now sitting on a decision whether Solid Energy can get at $400 million worth of coal.
So why is the Conservation minister deciding this? Well because there is a population of friggin snails living on top of the coal , and his approval is needed if the plan to move the snails will be successful.
Oh for fucks sake they are friggin snails, get the bulldozers moving and damn the stupid invertebrates.
New Zealand is fast becoming a farce under this government. For fucks sake if this was any other country the decision would be "Snails, what snails, I don't see any snails".
If I was any major corporation in new Zealand and discovered snails on my asset, I would shut up and lay the slug slam.

Here Kitty, kitty

A woman drove 7km's today unaware that a kitten was holding on for dear life near the fuel tank.
She only noticed when she stopped and heard meowing coming from the underside of the car.
Bizarrely the Fire Service was called in to use air bags to rescue the stupid feline.
I would have thought a bullet or bat was more useful.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest

Philip "El Jefe" Field reckons he is in the clear , and I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he was "cleared".
Chances are good for him, he is a Labour Party member, one of Helen's pets and he helped rort the electorate in South Auckland that gave Labour the election.
Yep I would say chances are extremely good that he will be "cleared".