2nd behind Ireland in the OECD, yippee

Yes, you read the headline correctly, in figures today New Zealand is indeed in the top-half of the OECD in figures recently released. Indeed not just the top-half but in fact second place with only Ireland in front of us.
Now for the bad news.
The figures are for for the number of tertiary-educated people who have moved overseas. New Zealand has 24.4 per cent of its New Zealand-born tertiary-educated population living in other OECD countries.
Is this the top-half of the OECD that Labour envisaged?
But wait theres more "top-half" figures Labour can justifiably be proud of;
  • New Zealand has the third highest proportion of adults in prison, with 132 adults per 100,000 population being imprisoned, behind the Czech Republic with 150 and the United States with 469.
  • Kiwis are the most likely to be victims of car theft and burglary, with 2.7% of the population reporting being the victim of car theft in 2000, and 4.3% being the victims of burglary.
  • New Zealand was also found to be one of 10 countries with 50% or more adults being defined as overweight or obese.
  • New Zealand has the seventh highest number of overweight or obese people, with 56.2% of Kiwi adults in that category.

What an outstanding achievement by Labour.


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