All is not well at Auckland City Council

The rumour mill is working over-time both inside and outside Auckland City Council.

What is clear is that all is not well in the council and the blame for that rest squarely on the shoulders of the man who promised "action-based" leadership.

Clearly there has been no actions nor any leadership.

Some confirmed examples are below; 

A senior staff member (a bureaucrat) at Ak City recently handed in their notice and then passed on to a former Mayor a comment to say he couldn’t cope with the lack of direction and unprofessionalism any more.

The only people who are doing well at Ak City at the moment are the Heritage and by-law planning folks who have become very powerful, even at the expense of others in Planning who are more engineering/construction focused.

Senior council folks are now doing the bare minimum for their councillors due to
the lack of support and professionalism (what they call the election period, has already started. This is so-called because three months prior to the election, the council staff deliberately ease off on the accelerator so they aren’t accused of aiding the incumbents.) This has now already happened.

The Mayor has presided over this mess and must go.

Oh if only we had a recall function in our democracy.


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