Braaaack, braaaak, Bu-GAWK

A few days ago, the National Party in Epsom was contacted by ACT's new board member for Auckland.

The purpose of the call was to challenge Richard Worth to a debate with Rodney Hide on campus regarding the drinking age limits (Epsom MPs only at the debate).

Apparently the response was that Worth was happy to debate Hide on Campus, but only if drug liberalisation was also discussed, and the media were invited. The ACT official didn't think this was relevant, but Worth's spokesman was quite insistent that the two issues were linked together, and anyway, the issue would be of interest to Epsom people and the media because of Hide's public contradictions on the subject.

The two rang off with Worth's response for the debate being made clear.

Within 3 minutes of being given Worth's reply, ACT's man rang back and said the debate was off with Richard and ACT would find another MP for Rodney to debate with.

It's not often that someone chickens out of their own debate challenge!


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