Carters turn in the hot seat

Conservation Minister Chris Carter and ex-Liar-Bour President Bob Harvey have come under the spotlight for their actions relating to the Whangamata Marina decision.

"We have received confirmation from Bob Harvey … to say the minister has got the balls to go ahead and stop the marina going ahead at Whanga. However … he is getting lobbied real hard and has asked for support from those who will back him making this decision. His neck is on the line."

Those were the lines sent from John Wilson and associate of Bob Harvey and seems to imply that both Bob Harvey and the Minister were colluding to solicit emails of support from opponents of the marina.

John Wilson sent another email later the same day saying ""Chris Carter is going to pull the plug on the marina, but is asking for us to back him up."  .

This appears to be an orchestrated attempt and perverting the legal process for some as yet unknown reason under the guise of "protecting the environment".

Chris Carter for his aprt is saying he has 141 email with 127 supporting his decision….is it any wonder, especially after you go soliciting the emails in the first place.

Of course he conveniently ignores the Waikto Times poll which shows support for the marina in Whangamata to be 3-1 in favour of proceeding.




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