Con-Air costs us $100,000 per month

Corrections is currently spending over $100,000 per month transporting prisoners around the country on public airlines.
National rightly argues this is ridiculous both in terms of cost and risk to the public.
Of course I might add there is clearly no rush to get these scumbags anywhere they are after all serving time at Her Majestys pleasure. I fail to see why a rickety old bus with worn shocks, no air conditioning to speak of and welded up windows wouldn't suffice.

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  • Oswald Bastable


    I was thinking of welding the bloody doors shut!

  • Whaleoil
    In the interests of the environment we should contain the exhaust emissions from the transport truck as well….now we just need a handy container for that….oh found one, that container n the back of the truck look just fine.
  • Oswald Bastable

    That has been done before (Don't mention the war!), but they do say that history repeats…