Dipshits fail exams, ratepayer continues to cough

Three ACC Councillors took part in a course run by the Ministry of Environment Planning Commissioner for Accreditation. The course cost was approximately $2000 each.

They failed to pass or complete the course.

They must be exceedingly thick or stupid or both as event the dimmest councillors at Manukau passed the same course.

The are currently on Planning hearings as Commissioners.

Indeed one of them is the current Chair of the Councils Planning & Regulations Committee.

Council has funded a further $2000 each for them to resit the course.

I have a few questions for Mayor No-Dick Hubbard.

1)Which ACC Councillors undertook a course for Planning Commissioners Accreditation (funded by the ACC) and failed to pass or complete the course.

2)Which party do they represent?

3)Did they refund Council for the $2000 fee paid by Council?

4)Who paid the addition $2000 fee to resit the course for a second time?

5)Which other Councillors sat and passed the course?

6)Which party do the success ful councillors represent?

Which indeed? Answers probably Monday.


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