Dodgy is as Dodgy does

Jordan has been having a little squeal.

After much silence whilst scandals erupted he has now had a bash at Brash for rightly suggesting that the Police appear to be biased. 

Then he has a crack at Farrar

The petulance and shrillness of this Labour hack knows no bounds. He squeals on with Dear Leaders assertions that there is nothing to see here, move along and Cullens indignant "We won, you lost, eat that" attitude of a school yard bully.

The things that outrage Jordan are not the constant lying and obfuscation of our government, nor of the reluctance of the Police to uphold the rule of law.

Apparently I am myopic, irrelevant, petty, and hysterial. 

Yeah well lets look at some of the history of this mendacious lot (thanks David);

  • Helen Clark attacked and threatened the Police over their investigation of her for forgery
  • Leaked false information to the media to force out the Police Commissioner
  • Basically called The Police racist over the Steven Wallace shooting
  • Encourages her entourage to speed and then supposedly doesn't notice at all that they are doing over 140km/h
  • Constantly slurs Investigate Magazine despite mountains of documentary evidence to support their view.
  • Hides behind spurious logic to justify why something isn't as it seems

Jordans headline should read Dodgy is as Dodgy does.


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