Don't Panic, Don't Panic, it'll only be a small recession

Michael Cullen reminds me of Corporal Jones from Dads Army. Don't Panic, Don't Panic…all the while running around in a panic.
Witness these statements
On February 28 2006
[quote]"talk of a recession is naive and a little dangerous.''[/quote]
On March 9 2006
[quote]It is easy for us to mistake a slowdown for a recession, and for New Zealand, at least in the last twenty five years, recession has always been the signal for unleashing a rash of radical economic policy proposals. In the eighties and nineties we grew used to the idea that there was always a quick fix for a recession.The truth is we don’t have a recession, and we certainly should not alter our current economic policy settings. [/quote]
finally on March 27 2006
[quote]Any recession in the first part of this year would be small and short[/quote]
Ok so this is going to just a little recession, does that mean we were all a little naive and a little dangerous!!!!

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  • Darren

    Anyway Trust the Herald to put Liar-bour spin on it

    Trade gap growth rate starts to contract

    By Brian Fallow

    The trade gap went from bad to worse last month, but the rate at which it is getting worse is getting better.

  • Whaleoil
    Oh ha ha…that is priceles…..I wonder if his cheek was firmly in his cheek when he wrote that drivel.