Excuse me Minister but it is "our" house

Housing Minister Chris Carter won’t evict state house tenants even if they patently do not need a state house and despite the fact that;

As at 31 January2006, there were 11,135 people on the Housing New Zealand waiting list. Of this:

  • 121 applicants had a severe and persistent housing need (A priority).
  • 3,907 applicants had a significant and persistent housing need (B priority).
  • 4,435 applicants had a moderate housing need (C priority).
  • 2,672 applicants had a lower level housing need (D priority).

Hi pithy and ridiculous answer is;

Mr Carter says the situation is a hangover from the last National government which moved the tenants into market rentals. He says Labour inherited some wealthy state house tenants but he is not prepared to throw anyone out of their house.

Except Mr Carter they are not their houses they are ours, and I say toss their sorry asses out, they are thieving from the country and thieving from the housing stock.


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