Fran O'Sullivan sticks it to Labour

Fran O'Sullivan in the herald this morning sticks it to Labour.

Here are some of her more potent statements;

One by one, Labour's bright shining hopes – the MPs carefully selected to put a business-friendly face on a party long seen as dominated by teachers and unionists – are crashing.

But even before its investigation got under way, the Companies Office was down-playing the affair. Spokesman Adam Feeley suggested that prosecutions by the office, including those for filing matters, were rare. But his statements are singularly inappropriate.

They underline the growing suspicions that when allegations of potentially criminal behaviour are raised against a senior Labour Party person, a Government investigating body will not be far behind with its whitewash brush.

Last week, the police failed spectacularly to lay charges against the Labour Party over alleged election campaign law breaches despite their finding that a prima facie case "technically" existed.

She finishes up with some comment on Shane Jones double-dipping.

Just as with Tamihere before him, and now Parker, the Prime Minister needs to send clear signals over where the boundaries lie.

Otherwise, this Government's growing reputation for political sleaze will worsen.


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