Glad someone in the MSM in on our wave length

John Armstrong in the Herald today comments on the debasing of Parliament.
[quote]By no means are all ministers guilty of the practice. But there has been an unmistakable trend towards more and more ministers giving perfunctory replies or, in the worst instances, ignoring questions.
This week Parliament was treated to the ludicrous, yet disturbing sight of a minister pretending not to be a minister in order to duck questions about his breaching collective Cabinet responsibility – a constitutional convention which has also become a moveable feast.
The slow suffocation of question-time does not make headlines, but it is as insidious and as destructive of the institution of Parliament as personal attacks. [/quote]
The Prime Minister was right when campaigning in 1999 she said Labour would bring new standards of behaviour to parliament. What she didn't explain was just how low those standards would be.

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