Is it any wonder there are no "complaints"?

No wonder really.

Is the Prinicipal at the time of the latest allegations the same Prinicpal that refused to act when one of his teachers was arrested and charged with "kiddie fiddling"?

Is the Principal at the time of the latest allegation the same Principal that despite that same teacher being incarcerated in prison for the same offences refused to give details to the Teacher registration board to have that same teacher barred from teaching?

Is the Prinicpal at the time of the latest allegations the same Prinicipal whose school was slammed by the ERO for an endemic culture of bullying, inappropriate behaviour, lack of communication with the Board over serious and less than serious incidents?

Isn’t the real reason the policies were formed/changed 1997 the result of the ERO reports and investigations?

Is it any wonder there was no reports to the Board?

Is it any wonder complaints weren’t actioned?

Is it any wonder Teacher viewed serious complaints as things to be ignored?

Is it any wonder? 


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