Its official, Nude Cycling is not illegal

This Sunday is Golden Bay’s 3rd Annual Naked Bike Ride.

Not everyone is happy about this including the local Mayor who thinks it is "abhorrent". 

Personally I do not care and certainly "abhorrent" is in the eye of the beholder. For instance if Angelina Jolie was to ride maked I don’t think I would find that abhorrent. However if Helen Clark should ride (even fully clothed) I would certainly find that abhorrent.

Anyway apprently the local police have done extensive research and discovered that there is nothing in it.

Sergeant Arthur Clarence of the Takaka police said that following legal research into the issue, police concluded that nude cycling was not illegal.

"We have taken advice on the legality of their proposed action and have been advised that it falls short of an offence," he said in a statement issued this morning.

One has to wonder if this is a precedent so that we may all enjoy streakers at futre sports events once again.  


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