Linking Policy

Again shamelessly borrowed from David Farrar.

1. What sites will you link to?

Generally those I want to read myself. Or else sits that i think you need to go and have a good laugh at.

2. Will you link to my site if I ask you to?

Almost always, subject to (1) and bearing in mind, I can not link to every blog in NZ, without the links losing their usefulness.

3. Does it help if I link to your blog?

Yes, it is nice if links are mutual, but not obligatory. Bribes also help.

4. Do you remove links?

Yes. If a blog has not been updated for one to two months I will assume it is dead and remove the link. If you come back to life, let me know. Or if you become banal and boring.

5. Are the links listed in any particular order within each category? Yes, but I am buggered if I can work out how Drupal lists them.


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