Looks like the "School Policy at the time" defence is dead in the water

From The Briefing Room.

David Benson-Pinocchio’s claims that nothing he did was against "School Policy at the time" not only beggars belief but clearly is another part of his orchestrated litany of lies.

Here is a summary from the Briefing Room.

There are a series of statements from teachers given to police during last year’s investigation. A number of the teachers, while supportive of Benson-Pope, added of their own volition that it was school policy as far back as 1982 for male teachers to handle boys, and female teachers would deal with girls, and that on camp a female teacher should always have been present during visits to a girls dorm.

For those who have the police file, I’ve identified the statements by date and time of interview:

1. 18/7/2005. 0925hrs. Interview with the Female Dean in 1982. Points out that school policy was a gender-driven Dean structure where boys would be dealt with by male Dean (Benson-Pope) and girls by female Dean

2. 17/7/2005, 1500hrs. Page 2, bottom paragraph re Tautuku camp. “The Lady teachers disciplined the girls. The male teachers disciplined the boys.”

3. 21/7/2005. 1515hrs.Page 4, re Tautuku camp. “As a female teacher I was mainly dealing with the female pupils at night.”

4. 22/7/2005. 1000hrs. Page 4, Tautuku camp. “If it was females standing outside the were always covered – in night attire – and there was always a female teacher present”

5. 1/8/2005. 2045hrs. Page 3, Tautuku camp. “There would always have been a female teacher present for the girls.”

If that was indeed the policy in 1982, and the teachers may be guilty of making false statements to police if it was not, then how could Benson-Pope have failed to be aware of it in 1997?

Whoopsy, there goes that defence….and proof of yet another lie, also further proof (as if we needed it) of the Prime Ministers lies.



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