Nanny State on the rampage again

After some cases of text-bullying have been highlighted the Government has announced it is going to take action on the issue.

Yeah right, we are going to believe that. They can’t even take action against one of their own bullies.

Anyway how the hell can you stop it….these are some of their less than brilliant suggestions;

  • restrictions should be placed on cellphone use in school hours
  • age restrictions on those able to buy or use mobiles

Like that is ever going to work, Bullying happens 24/7 dumbass, or is this just another Government ploy to increasefrevenue collecting from the Police, slapping fines on any kid caught using a cellphone.

This type of knee jerk reaction to a tiny percentage of the population mis-using a useful communication tool is what is turning this country into a Police State.

Steve Maharey should take his own fricken advice.

"It has to be treated in exactly the same way [as other forms of bullying]. It cannot be tolerated."

Yep, resign Steve for the atrocious sexist bullying you conducted to get rid of Christine Rankin and while you are at it take you pal David Benson-Pinocchio with you. You make me sick with your hypocrisy. 

The ONLY way to deal with bullies is to smack them in their cowardly, sick little heads.


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