Oh Dear, looks like he lied again

What does David Benson-Pinocchio have to do to get fired?

Looks like he lied to parliament again. Again the Prime Minister is issuing his lack of evidence to support the claims.

This time he said " I completely refuted the ridiculous statement" in response to a claim by Rodney Hide about him slapping a girl on the thigh.

Benson-Pinocchio has a little probalem though, the girl in question is standing by her claim and her parents complained in writing at the time.

What is Benson-Pinocchio’s defence a letter from Bayfield High School issued by the Primie Ministers office that another teacher did not see it happen!!!!

They are using the old "someone else didn’t see it so it can’t have happened" defence.

Day by day this becomes more and more embarrasing for the government. I am inclined to hope that David Benson-Pinocchio doesn’t resign as the milegae that can be obtained from his intransigence is outstanding.

The sad thing for New Zealand though is we now have a totally and utterly morrally bankrupt government seemly incapable of uttering one word of truth.

I know car salesmen that talk more truth than this lot, at least they are in fact selling cars.


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