Orchestrated Litany of Lies

This man has no humility, two days ago throught he Prime Ministers office Benson-Pinnochio release a letter purporting to support his version of events over the" slap on the thigh at abseiling incident" and effectively calling the complainant a liar.

Turns out the teacher that wrote that letter didn’t see the incident because she "was not in a position to see the slap if it did occur".

Benson-Pinocchio said in the house that " "I completely refute the ridiculous statement". This despite a letter of complaint sent to the school at the time by her parents. He denied it again yesterday.

Clearly also, Bayfield High is now being implicated as being an accessory. They keep  releasing little snippets to support the tenuos grip on relaity that is Benson-Pinocchios life.

This is becoming nothing more than a "orchestrated litany of lies".


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