Our Speaker is a friggin embarassment

This from today's Questions and Answers;

Dr Don Brash: Did the Prime Minister see in the media statement released by the police last Friday any suggestion at all that the police had established a prima facie case against the National Party for a breach of the Electoral Act?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: Perhaps I could read from the police statement, which stated, for some curious reason, that the police could not attribute responsibility for the mistake in GST overexpenditure to either the National Party or its media buying agency.

Dr Don Brash: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. The Prime Minister at no point tried to answer my question.

Madam SPEAKER: The question was addressed. No member is entitled to a yes or a no or a direct answer. That is what the Standing Orders provide. We could change them, whereby we have only factual questions and factual answers, and I suggest members may like to think about that.

I as a citizen would very much like to think about that. Here is the SPeaker of the House of representatives actually admitting that Ministers do not provide factual answers. Not only is she admitting that she is also saying lets not change the rules so that they have to answer factually.

Of course all this was in reply to the origional question about Labours spending rort and Clarks continued obfuscation over it depsite a prima facie case being found.