Selective Democracy??

Earlier in the year we covered the Maori representation farce that the Manukau City Council was going through trying to establish special race based Maori seats.

They didn’t quite get there, but they decided instead to establish a Maori, for what, we’ve yet to find out. Not only was this committee fundamentally undemocratic in itself, but it only just scrapped through on the Mayor’s casting vote.

Democracy seems to have taken another fatal blow last night at the Manukau City Council when the Council decided to only allow those Maori who are on the Maori electoral roll to be appointed to the committee.

The reason for the exclusion? Apparently you can only be a real Maori if you choose to be on the Maori roll.

This effectively says to the 13,500 Maori decendents who choose to be on the general roll that they are not really Maori. They’ve probably made this choose because they recognise the discriminatory way in which race-based policies are used.

And guess how many votes it passed by?? Yep – just the casting vote. It seems democracy is very selective in Manukau City.

– Controversial issues are passed without majority approval.
– Policies are based on race, not need.
– And you are discriminated against because of the electoral roll you choose to be on.

Its about time Howick and Pakuranga broke away and joined Auckland City!


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