Speaker Wilson is a silly bint

She is at it again in Question time. Speaker Wilson has a habit of uttering inanities. Is it any wonder Nick Smith can't take it any more?

As I said, if we wanted only factual questions and factual answers, then we would change the Standing Orders.

Please clarify that Madam Speaker….Is it ok to have non-factual answeres i.e. total fabrications?…it would appear so from your rulings.

I do not really need any assistance on this matter, but I thank the member. I make two points in my ruling. First, members are, of course, answerable only for comments they make in the course of their responsibilities as Ministers or Associate Ministers. Second, I point out that many members have several capacities.

So, Madam Speaker, you are now letting Ministers abrogate their collective Cabinet responsibility through their blatant obfuscation in Question Time.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: Does Dover Samuels, the Associate Minister for Economic Development with responsibility in the delegations for policy development, agree with Dover Samuels, a former Far North District councillor, who has extensively criticised—

Madam SPEAKER: I am sorry, but the member is repeating the question.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: I made it absolutely plain that I am asking the Minister, in his role as an Associate Minister for Economic Development.

Madam SPEAKER: If the member stopped there, he would be all right.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: The delegations make plain—

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. The member is now being deliberately obtuse. He has been warned twice as to the impropriety of his question. He cannot make that comparison. The question is out of order.

Madam SPEAKER: I have ruled on this matter. It is the comparison that is out of order. It is not the substance of the question.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: That is a farce.

Madam SPEAKER: Would the member please leave the Chamber.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: This is just a farce.

Madam SPEAKER: You may well say so, but you will be out of the Chamber. Please leave now.

Nick Smith is right, it is a farce. This government is completely and utterly morally bankrupt.

Speaker Wilson then goes on and allows Steve Maharey to lie to parliament, seeking his word that he withdrew and apologised to Bill English…patently he did not, he only Withdrew…the silly bint even asked him twice to apologise, yet she seems to have suddenly contracted Benson-Pope Memory Syndrome.

This Speaker is without any lingering shred of doubt the worst Speaker New Zealand has ever been inflicted with.

I know drug fucked wrecks that could do a better job than her.


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