Syrian dipshit urges Hamas not to recognise Israel

President Assad of Syria is urging Hamas to not recognise Israel.

"There should not be recognition of Israel for free, as if it were a gift for Israel, so that the West is satisfied with us,"

Why are they asking for Hamas to recognize Israel, given that the Palestinian Authority has already recognized the state?

Ummm, Mr President because Hamas has as its first rule the annilation of the state of Israel. 

In a case of rank hypocrisy Assad also accuses the US of meddling in Middle East politics. This is a bit rich coming from one of the biggest meddlers in Middle East politics and a sponser of political killings in Lebanon.

"Israel is at the origin of everything that is happening in the Middle East. The goal (of the United States) is to make Israel stronger. Therefore they declared war on a strong Arab country, Iraq," he said.

WTF…they invaded Iraq to make Israel stronger?

Ummm Mr President, Isarael has won every war the Arab countries ahve flung at it. They even whipped your ass several times.

What is it with these despots in the Middle East? Do they have a lobotomy upon assuming office?


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