The Internet Jihad

A very interesting article about the "Internet Jihad" from the Washington Times.

Hundreds of sites are hacked each year by technologically savvy Islamists and their sympathizers. In fact, at least one official Iranian government newspaper bragged recently of hacking "enemy" Danish and European Web sites in the wake of the Muhammad cartoon affair. Other militant Islamists have been credited with similar successes.

The United States is not paralyzed in the face of Internet jihad. We have tools to combat it, but they are the familiar ones: Tracing terrorist cells, unravelling technical clues and arresting the offenders. We should realize that there is no real technical fix for most of the Internet jihad — although technical know-how is of the utmost importance — and much depends on the cooperation of allies with whom the United States maintains extradition treaties. Arresting offenders sends the message that malefactors deserve: Do not collaborate with militant Islam, or else risk arrest, extradition and prosecution. This method is being tested today: Authorities in the United Kingdom are currently trying to extradite Babar Ahmad, a 32-year-old information-technology professional accused of running American Web sites that promote and support militant Islam. The particulars of this case are debated, but the implication is not. 


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