The Left wails and everyone else moves on

On Friday Jordan gleefully posted about a story that isn’t to prove his point that Bush is on the "outski".

Unfortunately for Jordan this is a non-story.

A non-story how? Well Just go to RealClearPolitics home page and check what is really going on in the US. 

Admittedly this is a Conservative focussed website, nevertheless they do serve as a barometer for current issues in the US.

So what does RealClearPolitics have to say about the "Katrina Tapes"?

Nothing, zilch, nada.

What is pressing in the US?

  • Bush in Asia
  • Election 2006
  • Iraq/War on Terror
  • Iran
  • Ports Deal
  • Re-Districting

The "Katrina Tapes" scandal as Jordan would screech it is sooooo important it warrants not one link in literally hundreds on the page.


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