This is obscene

Phil Heatley has uncovered some state tenants with substantial incomes.

How substantial?

  • $113,602 a year in New Lynn
  • $87,430 a year in Hamilton
  • $84,952 a year in Manurewa
  • $72,000 a year  in Christchurch

What is more appalling is the figure are after tax incomes, and at these levels that is after the government has thieved at the top tax bracket. I believe the figure released are delibrately after tax figures so that the enormity of the situation is mitigates a little.

Here is what the real position would be;

  • over $165,000 a year in New Lynn
  • over $129,000 a year in Hamilton
  • over $125,000 a year in Manurewa
  • over $105,000 a year  in Christchurch

Don’t believe me? Then check out the handy Tax calculator at IRD.

We no longer have creeping socialism in this country, it has skipped crawling and walking and gone straight to running. 

We now have the ridiculous situation where the government has state benficiaries on incomes over $60,000. It is hard not to describe them as beneficiaries. After all they are probably eligible for Working for Families as well.


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