To: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Date: Mar 17, 2006 7:50 PM

Subject: Labour Party Spending

The Police have announced that they have in relation to the Labour Party pledge card and leaflet there was sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case in respect of an offence under s221 of the Electoral Act. Section 221 prohibits advertising promoting a party unless the secretary of the party gives written authorisation.

They have also decided not to prosecute.

I note from the Serious Fraud Office Act 1990 that the Director may, among other things, have regard to the following factors:

* The suspected nature and consequences of the fraud.
* The suspected scale of the fraud.
* The legal, factual and evidential complexity of the matter.
* Any relevant public interest consideration.

It is not possible to be specific as to the cases that will be investigated and prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office. However, the following criteria are generally considered:

* All fraud involving over $500,000.
* All fraud perpetrated by complex means.
* Any fraud likely to be, of major public interest and concern.
* The Director has full discretion in the selection of cases

This case meets several of that criteria. It involves close to $500,000, it certainly was perpetrated by complex means is definately of major public interest and concern.

I believe that the Police have not acted properly in not seeking to prosecute this issue and have the prima facie evidence tested by a Judge and jury. Accordingly I request that the Serious Fraud Office look into these matters.

These matters go to the heart of our electoral integrity and New Zealands reputation as an open and honest society.

Yours Faithfully

Mr W. H. Aleoil


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