April 2006

Ahhh the irony of it all

The dead tree version of al-Herald has  on page B1 the massive headline "Sleaze sees Blair's ratings plunge" meanwhile over at Stuff we have "Scandals not the trick, says Brash"
Oh the irony, back in the UK extramarital affairs bring down ministers and lower ratings in widdle old NZ, ministers bashed kids, bash protestors, piss in hotel corridors, drive drunk, file false declarations, rort immigration and a Prime Minister who commits forgery and cruises the countryside like an African dictator barely registers and dents their popularity not a bit. Oh and don't forget they thieved from us to fund their election campaign.
New Zealand needs to get a grip we have a venal and corrupt government that has also seen to it that most of the civil service and the police are as venal and corrupt as them. 

Look what your taxes are paying for now


Hubbard has a rates revolt on his hands

Despite Hubbards promises of reigning in rates hikes, remember poor old Mother Hubbard, The Auckland City Council is set to hike rates yet again.
This time however, there are many who have had enough , and non more so than on Waiheke Island where rates are set to rocket up by 55%.
One resident calls this "economic cleansing". 

New Doongate blogsite

In response to Fran O'Sullivans bizarre article in al-Herald on the weekend Antarctic Lemur has created a new blogsite with all of the Doonegate evidence gathered so far.
One wonders why bloggers have to do the MSM's job these days.

More Nat Northern Region results

List Ranking Committee 

Successful list ranking candidates were;

  • Nick Albrecht
  • Diane Gribben
  • Kit Parkinson
  • Toni Millar
  • Roger Burrill
  • Cam Calder

Aaron Bhatnagar missed out by two votes, never mind, try again next year.

Alistair Bell wins

Alistair Bell is the new National Party Northern Region Chairman.
He won convincingly in the vote 119 votes to Roger Burrill's 89.
It looks like the intervention of John Collinge sealed Burrills fate.
Alistair will make a fine Regional Chair, congratulations and good luck wth your new post.

Fran O'Sullivan fights a battle she is going to lose

Fran O'sullivan has decided to finally show her colours and offer a wimpy excuse as to why she wimped out publishing the Doonegate documents.
Bizarrely she accuses fellow bloggers Sir Humphrey's and also Investigate of not providing the originals. AL at Sir Humphrey's refutes this as does Investigate.
In fact both AL and Wishart go on to slay the silly cow and show up her obvious shortcomings as a so called journalist.
O'Sullivan has unwittingly fallen foul of the new phenomenon in the media, blogging.
She can only answer in a paper at least only once a day, bloggers on the other hand can provide evidence, retorts, responses as many times as a day allows. Blogger also have contributors who provide their expertise as well. Witness Rathergate and destroying of Dan Rathers career by bloggers.
O'Sullivan may well be on her way down the same path.
Newsflash Fran!!!…you can't win this battle, nor will you win the war. Blogging is here to stay despite you pathetic plaintive cries.

Voting underway for Nat Northern Regional Chair

Further to my previous post voting is now underway at the National Party Northern Regional Conference for the vacant Regional Chair position.

Contenders Alisatair Bell and Roger Burrill have just finished their speeches. Alastair Bells speech was much more professional and received far larger applause.

Will blog the results shortly.


Australia's Most Wanted says he'll chop up PM

Yep thats right….Saleh Jamal, has pledged loyalty to Osama bin Laden and threatened to "chop up" John Howard as Lebanese authorities prepare to deport him to Australia.
[quote]I feel sorry for the Australian people, I love Osama bin Laden, I love (al-Qa'ida's leader in Iraq) Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, I love al-Qa'ida. I will never go against their word. If the Australian people want me, Saleh Jamal, then they're going to cop the consequences. I don't want to go back to Australia. I don't want to see Australia. If I was given the opportunity I'd chop him up too, without any doubt, or remorse, because he's a very evil man.[/quote]
If I was the Australian authorities I would bring him back by boat and have him "escape custody" somewhere out by the Great Barrier Reef.

How come Shadbolt gets charged?

Now don't get me wrong, I hate Shadbolts guts (that is another story for when the prick dies or some one else who would be upset if I told it), but surely this qualifies for a "Not in the public interest" case dismissal.
I bet if he had been a Labour minister they would have said the injuries sustained in the crash were punishment enough.